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Early Breast Cancer Detection using Thermography

What is Breast Thermography?

Breast thermography is a breakthrough technology that provides well needed hope in detecting early signs of abnormalities in the breast tissue years before it could turn into cancer. While breast thermography is not a new technology, more people are starting to benefit from the information it provides.

What is the process?

The process does not include radiation or compression (“pan cake presser”) like mammography machines. It is painless and can diagnose the formation of new blood vessels which are formed as a result of tumor stimulation. The infrared camera picks up on areas in the breast tissue that are emitting more infrared waves which are considered “hot spots”. By identifying these areas, you are able to foresee a potential area of concern and obtain the proper education on what to do to prevent spreading or future damage.

According to research, cancer usually presents itself when there is some type of imbalance in the body. Addressing those imbalances is critical in reducing the likelihood of recurrence in women who were previously diagnosed with breast cancer. We are all unique, and imbalance occurs for different reasons in everyone. Breast thermography coupled with proper education and guidance will help you to understand how to balance your unique body. Women should arm themselves with information about their wellness and not wait to become a statistic.

Where to find breast thermography?

Breast thermography is usually not offered by most traditional practitioners; it is mostly offered by holistic practitioners. While this may not readily be an option for most, due to cost and insurance restrictions, it is certainly worth researching to educating yourself about different detection alternatives.

Source: New Living Magazine, article by Dr. Diana D'Angelo


Disclosure This article is intended for informational purposes only. It also serves to raise your awareness and increase your knowledge. Perform your own research or contact your physician when making decisions or changes that impact your health.

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