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Who's Sabotaging You?

This is one of my favorite blogs, I first wrote and published it back in April 2015, but I feel that we always need to be reminded about self sabotage because it is such an unconscious behavior for many of us, including myself. Therefore, frequent self check-ins is necessary to keep us on track especially if we want to do something different with ours lives and have very ambitious goals. I hope you will use this as a reminder in the event that you are sabotaging yourself.

Who's Sabotaging Your GOALS ? Your DESIRES? Your SUCCESS?

Ever really considered why you have not done the things you want to do, know you should do because they are right for you? Maybe you procrastinate and make tons of excuses for your inaction. Could you be standing in your own way, keeping yourself back from progressing towards your desires, goals, dreams, and being the best you and living your best life?If you have frequent limiting beliefs, low lying thoughts, or self-doubt, you may be standing in your way and sabotaging your own progress. The thing is that most people do not recognize that they have limiting beliefs that is holding them back and as a result, they go along day after day doing and saying the same things over and over, all the while wondering why they never reach their goals. I felt compelled to write about limiting beliefs in this issue because I have personally struggled with frequent self doubt and limiting beliefs for many years, and it took many more years to overcome these beliefs and start cultivating new thoughts that have moved me forward.

It starts with awareness and focusing on all the things that are good about you - your greatness, stop playing small, step up and fulfill your God given potential. Although I am in a much better place in terms of thoughts and beliefs about myself, I often remind myself to stay focus on the positive and surround myself with people who will support and lift me up. I have stopped sabotaging myself, I got out of my own way and I am done playing small!

Tips to identify and cancel limiting beliefs

1. Identify popular limiting beliefs

"I can’t because…” e.g., I can’t lose weight because I am too tired to exercise, "I can’t cook because I am too busy", "I can’t advance my education because I have no money". ….And the list goes on….As soon as you use the word “because” you engage a part of your brain that believes, “I have a reason.” And you stop trying. If you keep telling yourself that you can’t do something because…, you never will.

2. Become aware of your limiting beliefs

For most people, their beliefs maybe rooted in their culture. How you were raised, what, and how you were taught to think can profoundly shape your outlook on life and your overall thinking. Although getting rid of limiting beliefs is quite difficult, it is possible with awareness and conscious efforts to be mindful of your thoughts.

3. Be mindful of your self talk

What are you saying to yourself? What stories are you programming in your brain? Those self talks can be critical. Once I recognize that I am engaging in limiting beliefs, I say to myself, CANCEL that! Don't be afraid to press that CANCEL button.

4. Be mindful of the company you Keep

Your environment and the people that you associate with play a significant role in what and how you think about yourself and others. Get rid of the Debbie downers and those who seem to always suck your energy and tend to drag you down. Remember, like attracts like. So surround yourself with the people who you want to emulate and who will lift you up. As a final thought, you are not serving yourself or anyone else by limiting your thoughts and playing small. Be bold, step into your power, own it, and move ahead.

I am rooting for you all!If you want additional support or conversation around this topic, please contact hesitation.t that your are sabotaging your own progress.

Your Thoughts Have Power

"Change your thoughts and you change your world". Norman Vincent Peale "We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves". Buddha

In Good Health,


Certified Holistic Wellness and Nutrition Coach


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