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Why Should I Detox

My good friend Pam from Can.will.done just posted this blog on Detoxing Tips and I thought it was quite relevant, so I got her permission to share it. Check out Pam's site and while you are there, check out her Amazon best seller, "Diet Free Me", which is based on Pam's life.

Okay, here is Pam's blog.

As promised, here are your Detoxing Tips.

I am sharing these tips from my experience.

Increase water intake before detox starts

This is especially important if you are caffeine drinker. The first two to three days on a detox can be painfully brutal for caffeine drinkers. Caffeine withdrawal is no joke! Your head hurts like crazy.

Increasing your water intake beforehand, especially if you do it a week or two before you start a detox eases the pain. If you are lucky you may not feel too much discomfort from withdrawal.

Gradually decrease caffeine intake

Let me tell you, if you are a regular caffeine drinker and go cold turkey, your head is going to HURRRRT when the detox starts.

Gradual reduce the amount of caffeine you are taking in before the detox begins, if you have the time. Reducing your intake that will help somewhat.

Do not splurge on all your favorite crap

On a detox you are not going to be eating processed foods or sugary treats. So the thought process of eating as much ‘bad stuff’ as you can before the detox begins is tempting. After all, this will likely be the last time you eat that type of food ever again, right?


Think of it this way. If you are gorge on your last bad meal, how many pounds do you risk gaining before the detox begins?

Even if it is only 1 or 2 pounds. That is 1 or 2 pounds you will miss out on losing by the end of the detox. Then as you start losing weight you may start thinking to yourself, “Dang it! If I hadn’t have eaten all of that crap I would have lost six pounds by now instead of four. Ugh! Why didn’t I listen to Pam?”(I'm just sayin').

Drink lots of water

One of the best ways to be successful on a detox is to drink lots of water. It helps you to feel full. That way you avoid the starvation feeling. During Deon's detox you should not feel like you are starving. If you do, you may not be drinking enough water and/or you possibly aren't eating enough.

Rotate your food choices

You may not like every type of food that is recommended on the detox. The less that you like (I HATE mushrooms), the fewer options you have for variety. Therefore rotate your food choices to break up what may feel monotonous.

Do not buy too much food at once

This is especially the case if you are doing the detox alone. If you buy too much, you may not get to use or prepare it all. Then you waste food and money.

Use your community for support

There may be days when you feel, “Oh hell, I can’t do this!” That is when you usethe community for support. You are not alone.

Know why you are doing the detox

Staying connected to why you are doing the detox will help you stay the course.

Affirm every morning and night why you chose to choose you by doing the detox. It is a great motivator and way to stay focused.

Don’t do the detox to only lose weight

This detox has more benefits than just losing weight. Pay attention to the changes in your body that are not related to weight.

Think about how your thoughts are changing.

Pay attention to how much better you're feeling, especially if you initially went through rough spots.

You don’t have to be perfect

It is quite possible you will have slip ups. Also, it is possible you will have work or family outings during the detox. Try to stay as close to the plan as possible, but do not beat yourself up if you slip up. Acknowledge it happened, keep going, and tell yourself what you will do differently the rest of the day or next.

Most importantly, don’t quit.

There's you tips from my experience.

Have a great one!


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