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Your biggest challenge…

It’s the end of another year when most of us reflect on the past year and start planning for the New Year. In looking back, we review our accomplishments and the goals that were not fulfilled, and we often realize that those unfulfilled goals were the most challenging.

For 2019, I am challenging myself and I am challenging you to face those challenging goals HEAD ON. I have learned that SETTING the INTENTION and FOLLOWING THROUGH are effective strategies to tackle challenging goals. If you are serious about accomplishing your goals, especially the challenging ones, start by taking baby steps toward setting your intentions.

Some common goals for New Year include:

  • Better job

  • Lose weight

  • Eat better

  • Get your finances in order

  • Improve your relationships

  • Become more spiritual

  • Exercise more

  • Practice meditation

  • Improve your public speaking, etc.

If your goal is listed here, start setting yourself up for success by getting focus and setting your intentions. WRITE out your goals and the actions you will need to accomplish them.

I wish you success with your 2019 goals and I am here to support you with your wellness goals.

In Good Health,


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