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CBD Oil vs Doterra's Copaiba

Copaiba oil is extracted from the resin of copaiba trees found in the Amazon rainforest.

Copaiba oil's main chemical component is beta-caryophyllene, a chemical similar to cannabinoids found in cannabis (in CBD oil) that may protect nerve cells and have benefits for the cardiovascular and immune systems. However, while caryophyllene is responsible for some of the bioactive properties of Copaiba oil, many of the other properties of the oil are thanks to the diterpenes uniquely found in Copaiba oil.

If you are wondering how effective is Copiaba as compared to CBD, based on scientific research it is extremely effective. Copaiba also come in convenient softgels that can be taken very easily and has the same components as the oil. 

How to Use Copaiba Oil

Copaiba oil is a incredibly versatile oil that has been used for centuries. Below are some ways to use Copaiba oil:

1. On your skin. Copaiba oil has the capability of keeping your skin clear and clean while reducing the appearance of blemishes. To take advantage of this benefit, add Copaiba essential oil to your toner and apply to your face in upward circular motions. Or, apply it directly your skin before applying moisturizer.

2. For whole-body wellness. Most of the body can benefit from Copaiba oil—it supports the cardiovascular, immune, digestive, nervous, and immune system.* South Americans have used copaiba resin for the health of many of these same systems. To take advantage of these benefits, add one to two drops of Copaiba oil to water, juice, or make your own tea using warm water and honey.

3. To calm occasional anxious feelings. When you’re facing a stressful day ahead or feeling worried, the woody scent of Copaiba oil can help calm any anxious feelings you may be experiencing.

4. To protect and support your cells. Take one to two drops of Copaiba essential oil in a veggie capsule to take advantage of the antioxidants—the substance that stops potential damage to your cells from oxidation.*

5. To unwind. Diffuse Copaiba oil in your room and focus on the scent to fall into a meditative state. Or, you can also use Copaiba oil in a calming bath by adding two to three drops to body wash before mixing it in the water.

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