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Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas

For many of us, the holidays, while fun and festive, can also be stressful. Trying to wrap up year-end deliveries for work, getting the house ready to host family gatherings, and choosing the perfect gifts for our family and friends. I cannot help with the first two, but I can certainly assist with the last item - choosing a healthy gift for the holidays.

If you have already completed your shopping, these ideas can be great stocking stuffers. But if you are like me, a last minute shopper, these ideas will come in very handy.


Without your health, nothing is possible. All the plans you make and all the goals you have mean absolutely nothing if you DO NOT HAVE YOUR HEALTH, do you agree?

If you or someone you love needs to reclaim their health for the new year, a ONE Month Coaching session with me could make all the difference and could be that one conversation that transforms your life.

This includes two 1-hour One on One sessions to identify your health and wellness goals, devise a personal plan to set you up for success to achieve your goals and quick WINS that you can implement right away to start seeing results.

This One Month coaching is ideal for those who:

  • Would like to break free from unhealthy eating habits you know are bad for you

  • Have you tried several programs that haven’t brought you the results you are looking for

  • Want to reclaim their body back and feel like yourself again - Lose a few pounds especially around the midsection

  • Struggled with nagging cravings, like morning coffee, that sabotage your efforts to eat healthy

  • Would like to feel more energy throughout the day, say goodbye to brain fog, mood swings, bloating & gas so you can live your life with more passion and vibrancy


Wholesale: $20

This Kit Includes:

Lemon essential oil: Lemon is a powerful cleansing agent that cleans surfaces and can be used as a nontoxic cleaner throughout the home.

Lavender essential oil: Lavender has a calming and relaxing aroma, which promotes a peaceful environment at bedtime. It can also encourage a peaceful night of sleep when used internally.*

Peppermint essential oil: Peppermint helps alleviate occasional stomach upset and promotes healthy respiratory function when taken internally



The Petal has a relaxing mist, soft white ambient light, and can cover up to 330 square feet. For an uplifting, invigorating aroma, add a few drops of Wild Orange to your Petal. For a comforting, relaxing aroma, try a few drops of Lavender. Either way, select your customizable mist output of 2 or 6 hours continuous or 12 hours intermittent, add your essential oil of choice, and simply enjoy the wide array of essential oil benefits.

Petal 2.0 Product Features:

  • 2 and 6 hour continuous and 12 hour intermittent (5 min. on, 5 min. off) diffuser settings

  • Optional light settings: nightlight or night-free

  • Ultra-fine mist reaches up to 330 sq. ft.

  • Simple, 3-piece diffuser is easy and convenient to use

Lavender Primary Benefits:

  • Relaxing, calming aroma

  • Soothes dry skin

  • Supports healthy-looking hair

  • Peaceful flavor

Wild Orange Primary Benefits:

  • Uplifting, invigorating aroma

  • Bright citrus flavor

  • Cleanses surfaces and air

The Pebble Diffuser is ultrasonic and offers several incredible features, including a five-hour continuous runtime, a ten-hour intermittent runtime, and multiple light settings.

Retail:$ 43

Wholesale: $32

The kit includes:

doTERRA Breathe 5 mL

Pebble Diffuser


Wholesale: $59

With Peppermint and Wild Orange essential oils, your air will smell like fresh peppermint leaves or an orange orchard in bloom. And the best part? The scents aren’t fake, synthetic, or toxic. They’re pure, natural aromatic compounds found in orange peels and peppermint plants. Between these two essential oils and the Laluz Diffuser, your home can smell fresh and clean all day long with some of Mother Nature’s best perfume.

Kit Contents:



This kit includes the doTERRA SPA:



The doTERRA SPA Exfoliating Body Scrub is a natural, indulgent body scrub that gently exfoliates and polishes skin with natural sugar cane, leaving a healthy, natural glow. Infused with CPTG® essential oils of Wild Orange, Grapefruit, and Ginger, this luxurious scrub provides a custom at-home spa experience that entices the senses, pampers the body, and warms the soul. Formulated with a rich blend of kukui, macadamia, and coconut oils, the doTERRA SPA Exfoliating Body Scrub not only removes dead skin cells through exfoliation, but replaces vital hydration to keep skin looking smooth and soft.



Pamper your skin with the rich hydration and luxurious feel of the doTERRA SPA Replenishing Body Butter. The base of this natural formula combines shea and cocoa seed butters, known for their deep moisturization and ability to promote skin suppleness. Jojoba seed oil absorbs quickly into the skin and helps keep skin looking hydrated while avocado oil provides essential fatty acids to nourish and soften skin. CPTG® essential oils of Wild Orange, Douglas Fir, and Frankincense turn this indulgent formula into an intensely aromatic spa experience while providing purifying and rejuvenating benefits.



SPA Rose Hand Lotion is a light, alluring lotion with CPTG® Rose essential oil that promotes smooth, beautiful skin. This silky formula contains natural moisturizers and humectants that leave hands soft, supple, and nourished. Known for its skin-beneficial properties, Rose essential oil enhances this lotion with the authentic and uplifting aroma of rose petals.

My co-authored book, “BUILDING BEYOND THE 9 TO 5” hit the Amazon Bestseller list

Book Price: $19.99

Kindle Price: $9.99

Are you working a full time job while building your dream business?

Do you want to take your business to the next level?

Have you been thinking about starting your business?

If you answered YES to any of the above, this book is for you or someone you know!


In Good Health,


DISCLAIMER: This information is not intended to provide medical advice. The purpose is to provide education and broader understanding to my readers. Always seek the advice of your qualified healthcare provider before making any dietary or lifestyle changes. I do not recommend or prescribe, or recommend changing dosage or discontinuing, any prescription medications or pharmaceutical drugs.

Menopause & Perimenopause Facebook Group:



If you are struggling with weight gain, lack of energy, hot flashes, cravings, etc. I have a few spots available over the next 2 weeks for a FREE 30-minute Lose Weight and Reclaim Your Energy: Menopause Breakthrough Session with me.

If you’d like to set up a time to chat, click the link below to schedule time on my calendar.

click the link to book a call with Deon

Free eBook: 3 Proven Ways to naturally alleviate perimenopause and menopause symptoms without feeling overwhelmed


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