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Let me be your guide! |Deon Hall Garriques|

Today is the last day of Women’s History Month and I hope you learned something this month that has made you proud of the accomplishments that women have made throughout the world. 

The fight is not over, there is still much more work to be done, especially in women’s health, and we each have a role to play. 

One of the best ways is to get involved with women’s initiatives in your communities and continue to support your sisters. You can also make your health a priority and bring others along on your journey. 

Which brings me to my topic for today. 

Since starting this wellness journey more than two decades ago, I have found that most women do not make themselves or their health a priority, particularly menopausal women over 40 who are experiencing hormonal shifts which often comes with different symptoms.

It is ALWAYS everyone else first, and they come last. 

They often ignore their symptoms and figure they can burn through it. Some women will see their doctor and often leave feeling frustrated because they got no answers or they leave with a prescription that does not address their concern.

Did you know that only about 20% of OB-GYN residency programs provide any kind of menopause training? 

So, no wonder when you go to see your doctor, you do not get the right support. 

This happened to one of my coaching clients, Andrea, a 48 year old professional woman who worked more than 50 hours a week for a fortune 500 company. At the same time she was raising two kids, caring for her elderly mother, and running her household. 

Andrea had gained about 15 pounds in the last year, she was not sleeping well, she found herself frequently in rage with her spouse, her children and her coworkers. She had no time for herself and she felt overwhelmed.

Andrea had gone to see her doctor because she was on the brink of burnout and did not feel like herself.   Her doctor told her that she may be in perimenopause, and she just had to burn through it until her symptoms passed. 

Andrea was suffering from hormonal imbalances and was physically burnout.

We worked together and within a few weeks, she said she felt like she was back in control of her life and her health. She had lost weight, her sleep improved and she was no longer in rage with those around her. 

I used my simple 5-Step Framework to help Andrea get her health and life back on track. 

If you are not feeling like yourself and your health could use a boost, let's have a chat and I can help you devise a sustainable plan to get you back on track. 

Don’t wait until you have a diagnosis before you start taking your health seriously. 

Looking forward to connecting.  

In Good Health,


DISCLAIMER: This information is not intended to provide medical advice. The purpose is to provide education and a broader understanding to my readers. Always seek the advice of your qualified healthcare provider before making any dietary or lifestyle changes. I do not recommend or prescribe, or recommend changing dosage or discontinuing, any prescription medications or pharmaceutical drugs.



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