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The Perfect Gift

It is that time of the year when most of us deliberate and sometimes exhaust ourselves trying to find the perfect gift for our loved ones and friends. I have been there and many times what we consider the perfect gift turns out to be just another collectors item, so I have quit trying to find the perfect gift and giving more of myself and my time to loved ones. I do still write a couple of checks to who really need it, which often provides a little extra to fill the gap and meet their needs.

So for this holiday, Why not giving a gift that everyone can use, the gift of HEALYlTH -no one can say they have enough of that! And, even if they are relatively healthy, I find that navigating the health and wellness landscape can be complex and overwhelming and most of can benefit from more knowledge. That is why as a wellness coach, I am constantly learning new information. I am in a constant state of the quest for new knowledge in this arena.

How about gifting your loved ones a wellness coaching package this holiday.

Through my years of coaching, I have determined that everyone is at a different place in their wellness journey and that is why I have design these coaching programs to meet you where you are. There is something for everyone.

Chose the gift of HEALTH today!

If you purchase by Sunday December 24, you can save $20 on each program.

Wellness Coaching Gift Programs:

Just click the link below to explore and learn more about these coaching programs.

P.S. look out for the New Year New You 14 Day Detox starting in January 2018.


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