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Take Control of Your Menopausal Journey

Are you tired of gaining weight despite exercising and eating a healthy diet?

Let me show you a better way.

Reclaim your body and your life!

It starts with one FREE 30 minute Breakthrough session 


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Confused about why you are constantly feeling tired  - even after a good night’s sleep?

Learn about the foods and supplements that you can take to reboot your energy.


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Could hormone imbalance be sabotaging your weight loss?

This will help…


Colleen L.

Deon taught me how to make small changes that have made big differences in my health. I now have more energy and no longer wake up feeling tired.

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Angie T.

Deon's program has helped me to take control of my health so that I feel like myself again.


Cecelia S.

Deon’s program was easy to follow and took the guesswork out of what I needed to do to regain my energy and reduce cravings.