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Simple Tips that can reduce your risk of developing type 2 Diabetes

TIP #1

As many of you know, eating too many carbs can cause your blood sugar to spike. To assist with this, the research suggests starting your meal with a little protein, dairy or fresh produce before having your carbs (rice, pasta, etc.). Doing this can lower your blood sugar by 24% over a three day period. Having the carbs later, gives your pancreas the time it needs to make insulin and other hormones required to quickly use blood sugar for fuel and energy.

TIP #2

Rapid spikes in blood sugar after meals can be taxing on the pancreas which produces insulin, and hence increasing your risk of developing type 2 diabetes over time. A simple solution to help lower your blood sugar is by drinking guava leaf tea, this naturally sweet brew after meals can reduce post meal blood sugar levels by 20% or more in a week. According to research published in the Nutrition and Metabolism journal, guava leaves have a compound that blocks the absorption of sugar in the digestive tracks.

TIP #3

Losing weight is one of the hallmarks of reducing the risk of high blood sugar. Losing approximately 10 pounds can reduce the risk of high blood sugar and type 2 diabetes by 58%. The reason behind this result is that, as your lose weight, your liver, pancreas, and other organs respond by speeding up their production of healthy hormones that keep blood sugar in balance. Eating about a cup of berries a day (fresh or frozen) can help you to lose as much as 5 pounds every month. This is because berries block fat absorption in the intestine and speed up the fat burning process in the body.

TIP #4

According to researchers at Yale University, eating just a half avocado a day cuts your risk of high blood sugar by more than 22% that is quite astounding. This is because there are certain compounds in avocadoes called phytosterols that help your liver to absorb excess blood sugar and turns it into glycogen. Your liver stores this glycogen until your blood sugar gets low and you need an energy boost.I know someone is saying as they read, but I don’t like avocados, not to worry, I got you covered. Instead of avocadoes, you can get the same benefits by eating 3 Tbs. of hemp or flax seeds every day.

Disclosure This article is intended for informational purposes only. It also serves to raise your awareness and increase your knowledge. Perform your own research or contact your physician when making decisions or changes that impact your health. All rights reserved.


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