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What else you can do to protect yourself from Covid-19

It continues to be a very challenging time for everyone as we struggle to find the best ways to protect ourselves and our families. The scariest part of this viral outbreak is the unknown, information that scientists, researchers and doctors do not yet know. Until then, we operate with what we do know.

As you already know, strengthening our immune system will go a long way in helping to protect our bodies and keep us strong. Using wholesome nutrition and high quality supplements are things you can do right now.

We touch our faces about 23 times in an hour and about 44% of the time, we are coming in contact with our mucous membranes such as eyes, nose, mouth. Therefore, it becomes critical that we wash her hands frequently.

Last week, I shared some natural solutions using essential oils based products that you can use to help protect yourself during these challenging times. This week I am sharing a few recipes using On Guard, Lemon and Wild Orange to make some hand soaps and gels. For those who already have their Doterra essential oils product, pull them out and let's get started.

On Guard Hand Gel

5 tbsp aloe Vera gel

4 tbsp hot water

8-10 drops On Guard Blend

¼ tsp. vitamin E oil

2/3 cup 99% rubbing alcohol

Mix all ingredients together and pour in a pump bottle

On Guard Hand spray

¼ tsp. vitamin E oil

1 tsp 99% rubbing alcohol

8-10 drops On Guard Blend (protects against environmental and seasonal threats)

Pour in a 4 ounce spray bottle and top off with water

Essential Oil Foaming Hand soap

Incorporate the following ingredients a glass bowl

3 cups water

¾ cup pure castile soap

8-10 drops On Guard Blend

15 drops wild orange (powerful cleanser and purifying agent)

15 drops lemon (cleanses and purify the air)

Stir gentle and pour in a foaming dispenser

On Guard Wipes

1 ½ cup 99% rubbing alcohol

¼ Cup hot water

2 tbsp aloe Vera gel

15 drops On Guard Blend

15 drops lemon (cleanses and purify the air)

Stir gentle and pour over dry wipes or reusable towels

In Good Health,



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