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How To Practice Self-Care and Self-Love To Enhance Your Well-being?"

The world-renowned tennis player Serena Williams recently posted on her social media about loving her body after recently giving birth to her second child.

She was wearing a two-piece bikini while holding her baby standing tall and being transparent about her body not being perfect right now, but self-love is a daily practice.

She stated, "Loving yourself is essential. I find that I have to remind myself of self-love through all the different stages in my life. Right now I love that my body is not picture perfect."

Self-care and self-love both involve taking good care of yourself and treating yourself as kindly as you treat others. While there is overlap between Self-care and self-love, there is another dimension to self-love that goes a little deeper than self-care, which I will talk about here.

So why do so many of us put ourselves at the bottom of the list of priorities? 

Taking care of yourself should be at the top of the list since this allows us to be able to care for others better. It’s not selfish to want to feel amazing. When we’re at our best, we can give our best and have more to give. 

Self-care can be something as simple as taking a class or enjoying a little quiet time a few times a week may be all you need. Find what you enjoy doing and what recharges you.  How can you fit this into your schedule?  Maybe for now it can only be 30 minutes twice a week, but that’s a start.  

So let's talk about self-love. It involves honesty, standing up for yourself, teaching others how to treat you, having confidence and belief in yourself, etc.

Here are some ways that you can show self-love to yourself.

Review the list and select the areas that you practice today and if there are other areas you need to work on, start taking steps to implement them.

  • Being Honest with yourself about your feelings - how you feel about certain things, people, or situations. Expressing yourself clearly so others know where you stand and what you are about.

  • Not Portraying yourself to be something you are not, to gain attention or accolades 

  • Being aware of yourself and being willing to admit the truth to yourself. If you are good at something, great, but if you are not, admit it. There should be no shame in being truthful. Not regularly beating yourself up. Learning to be kind to yourself when something does not go your way. Forgive yourself and move on.

  • Strong beliefs that you are worthy and deserving of the best that life has to offer. Whatever you desire, you should feel free to claim it without any negative feelings.

  • Having self-worth and not accepting or tolerating disrespect from others.

  • Being confident, walking with your head up, speaking with confidence

  • Setting boundaries for yourself and with others. Teaching people how to treat you

  • Not allowing/accepting anyone to harm you in any way, physically, emotionally, financially, or spiritually. 

I am also sharing some ways for you to practice self-care which we all love and enjoy.

22 Ways To Take Care of YOU

Check the ones that appeal to you and that you can start with.

  • Get enough sleep. Creating a nighttime ritual using essential oils can be an effective way to calm your mind and body and ready for bed. Diffusing your Lavender, serenity, or Cedarwood about 30-60 minutes before bed will support a calm state; using a spray bottle; combine several drops of Lavender or serenity with water and spritz your pillow; apply lavender or serenity to your pulse points (e.g. wrists, back of neck, bottom of feet) right before bed. 

  • Take the time to prioritize your day each morning (what are the top 2-3 things you want to get done today?)—diffuse citrus essential oils to get you energized for the day. 

  • Remember to schedule things as evenly as possible throughout the week (don’t cram too much into your days) 

  • Reduce time on the computer and TV 

  • Take deep breaths during the day 

  • Eat more slowly and notice the taste and texture of the food

  • Connect with family and/or  friends

  • Take vacations (or “staycations”) 

  •  Don’t be afraid to ask for help

  • Make time for yourself 

  • Read a book or watch a movie

  • Move your body

  • Speak to yourself more kindly 

  •  Listen to music that will calm, ignite positive images and happiness

  • Open your windows and blinds during the day – let in the fresh air and sunshine

  •  Remember your intentions, goals, and aspirations 

  • Enjoy a hot bath with Epsom salt and your favorite essential oils, lavender is great for baths

  • Meditate and/or practice yoga 

  •  Get a massage or facial

  •  Go on a walk and observe nature, the wonders of this beautiful earth that we enjoy. Listen to all the sounds around you, and observe the plants, animals, and people going by. 

  • Focus on the positive. Practice positive self-talk, and be mindful of the conversations you have with yourself. You can always forgive yourself, correct the story, and start again, you are allowed. 

  •  Keep a journal. Journaling first thing in the morning can be super therapeutic. Be sure to express gratitude for all that you have and will have.  

In Good Health,


DISCLAIMER: This information is not intended to provide medical advice. The purpose is to provide education and a broader understanding to my readers. Always seek the advice of your qualified healthcare provider before making any dietary or lifestyle changes. I do not recommend or prescribe, or recommend changing dosage or discontinuing, any prescription medications or pharmaceutical drugs.


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