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Is Hormone Replacement Therapy a solution for your Menopause Symptoms?

Some women opt for hormone replacement therapy (HRT) as a solution for their menopause symptoms such as hot flashes,night sweats, headaches. HRT is also known as estrogen replacement therapy or menopause hormone therapy.

What is HRT?

HRT is medication that contains female hormones with the primary purpose to replace the estrogen that your body no longer makes after menopause.

The two main types of estrogen therapy are:

Systemic hormone therapy

  • Used to relieve common menopause symptoms and comes in the form of a pill, skin patch, ring, gel, cream or spray form (contains a higher dose of estrogen)

Low-dose vaginal products

  • This is a low-dose vaginal preparation of estrogen in the form of a cream, tablet or ring which is used primarily for vaginal and urinary menopause symptoms.

Who should avoid HRT

If you have any of the below, it is recommended that you not take HRT:

  • Blood clots

  • Cancer

  • Heart or liver disease

  • Heart attack

  • Pregnant

  • Stroke

What are some side effects associated with HRT

It is likely that you may experience bloating, breast swelling or tenderness, headaches, mood swings, nausea and vaginal bleeding.

Is HRT right for you

I see this as a personal decision and if you do not have strong convictions for or against, I recommend that you consult with your health practitioner to better understand your best options.

What to do if HRT is NOT right for you

As many of you know, my first recommendation to alleviate perimenopause and menopause symptoms is to incorporate natural solutions. I am an advocate of a healthy lifestyle, wholefood diet, movement, supplements and herbs, selfcare including a daily essential oil ritual.

Below are a few links of past blogs that I have written related to natural ways to alleviate your perimenopause and menopause symptoms.

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In Good Health,


DISCLAIMER: This information is not intended to provide medical advice. The purpose is to provide education and broader understanding to my readers. Always seek the advice of your qualified healthcare provider before making any dietary or lifestyle changes. I do not recommend or prescribe, or recommend changing dosage or discontinuing, any prescription medications or pharmaceutical drugs.



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Source:webmd and mayoclinic

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